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Easy Updates Manager is currently helping more than 200,000 users to keep their site up to date and bug-free automatically without spending any time. It is highly customizable and you can choose what to update and what not to update.


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Free Features

We pride ourselves on keeping the free version stable and bug-free. Find out what free can do for you.

Premium Features

If you want to know the difference between Free and Premium, please view our comparison chart.

Features and Benefits of the Free version:

No need to login, check for updates. Auto Updates saves lots of time


Choose Core, Plugins, and Theme Updates. This will help if you run an eCommerce or business critical site.

Turn on/off individual plugins and themes. Be safe with a custom developed plugin or theme.


View logs of updates, which is useful for debugging and rolling back your site to an older version.




For instant answers, take a look through our information-packed frequently asked questions page.


Free Support

Didn’t find an answer in the FAQs? We have a free support forum in the WordPress directory.


Premium Support

Are you a premium user? then you can contact your premium support here.

Comparison of Versions

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