Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Updates Manager

See below for our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also check out our documentation.

How do I install Easy Updates Manager Free Version?

There are two methods to install.
Install from Dashboard (Recommended)
1. From Dashboard menu, go to Plugins => Add New
2. Search for the plugin by typing `Easy Updates Manager` into the search bar
3. Install and activate the plugin by clicking the ‘Install’ button and then the ‘activate plugin’ link
4. Configure the plugin by going to the ‘Updates Options’ section in your admin area under the Dashboard

Install using FTP
1. Upload the Easy Updates Manager folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory (make sure it is unzipped)
2. Activate the Easy Updates Manager plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Configure the plugin by going to the ‘Update Options’ section in your admin area under the Dashboard

Do you support older WordPress versions?

Our latest version requires WP 4.5 and up. Since WordPress is constantly changing, this plugin will always strive to support the latest version of WordPress. As there are many security vulnerabilities reported, please always keep WordPress site as up-to-date as possible.

If you do need to support older versions, our plugin’s older version 6.x.x should support WP 4.0 and up Plugin version 4.7.0 should support WP versions 2.3 to 4.0

Please note that we do not answer support questions for non-up-to-date versions of WordPress or the plugin.

I installed the plugin, but nothing happens?

Out of the box, this plugin honors the WordPress default behavior. This means that it won’t auto update your plugins and themes unless you configure the plugin to do so.
Go to Dashboard => Updates Option and turn on the Automatic Updates if that’s what you’re after.

I turned on automatic updates, but still no update is happening?

If you have selected `Enable All Updates` and `On` for automatic updates from General tab and still not receiving automatic updates, then go to Advanced tab and see if you get a warning above `Force Updates` option about disabled automatic updates. If so, you need to remove that line from your `wp-config.php` file.

Please note that this is not default WordPress behavior. Chances are you installed WordPress using a one-click installer that disables automatic updates or your hosting provider disables automatic updates by editing your `wp-config.php` file.

Contact your host and ask if automatic updates have been disabled and that you prefer to use Easy Updates Manager to control your updates.

How do I change the WordPress update notification email?

By default, the update notification email will be sent to site admin’s email address. If you want to change that then go to the General tab in our settings. You can enter a single email address or multiple addresses if you comma-separate them.

How do I stop automatic update for WordPress major releases

Go to Dashboard Menu => Update Options and select `Custom` in the Automatic Updates section
Select `Disable Major Releases`

I use custom developed plugin / theme. How do I stop accidental updates for that?

Go to `Plugins / Themes` tab
Select `Off` from Plugin / Theme updates buttons.

I use custom developed plugin / theme. How do I stop automatic update for that?

Go to Dashboard Menu => Update Options and select `Custom` in Automatic Updates section
Scroll down to `Automatic Plugins Updates` or `Automatic Theme Updates` section
Select `Select Individually` button
Go to `Plugins / Themes` tab
Select `Off` from Automatic updates buttons

How do I enable logging?

Go to Dashboard Menu => Update Options
Scroll down to `Logs` section
Select `Enable Logs`
You’ll see the Logs tab, which shows when updates have occurred either automatically or manually.

Does Logging Work with Jetpack Manage?

Not currently

Does Easy Updates Manager work with third party plugins and themes?

If third party providers use same update mechanisms as WordPress, it will work. If they use custom update mechanisms, then we cannot guarantee that they will work with Easy Updates Manager.

I have disabled updates, but I still want to see available updates and do updates manually. How do I do that?

Create a user with administrator role.
Go to Advanced tab and exclude that user by ticking the checkbox and save users option.

This user is no longer able to access the Easy Updates Manager settings page, but he can still see available updates and do updates when he logs into the WordPress dashboard.

Alternatively, if you are using Premium, you can set a monthly or weekly email to send you a list of plugins, themes, core, and translations that need updating. This option is available under the General settings tab.

What's the difference between Free and Premium?
Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes, Easy Updates Manager Premium subscriptions can be upgraded at any point of the billing period.

To upgrade, log into your account and make a fresh purchase of the package that you wish to upgrade to. Then, add the relevant upgrade coupon at checkout.
The purchase will be discounted by the cost of the original order

Below are the coupon codes when upgrading from a license subscription:

  • frombasic – upgrading from the 2-site Basic package
  • fromplus – upgrading from the 5-site Business package
  • fromprofessional – upgrading from the 20-site Professional package
  • fromultra – upgrading from the 100-site Ultra package

Comparison of Versions

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