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How to reset an UpdraftPlus licence

How to reset an UpdraftPlus licence. When choosing which UpdraftPlus Premium package is right for you, one of the primary decisions when making your choice is the amount of licenses you will require. We have structured the UpdraftPlus packages to best suit the needs...

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New UpdraftPlus translations added

We at UpdraftPlus have recently transferred a large number of translation sets from our dedicated translation project to the public project at translate.wordpress.org. Once these translations are approved and released, this update will go a long way to helping...

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How to add DreamHost to your UpdraftPlus account settings

When backing up your WordPress website with UpdraftPlus, we have given users multiple options to backup your site using many of the top remote storage options, including Google Drive, Amazon S3 and DropBox.  One of the additional storage options UpdraftPlus offers is...

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Post and page module added to UpdraftCentral

You can now manage all of your posts, from all of your sites, from a single location in Updraft Central’s dashboard posts feature.  By going to the “Posts” tab in your Updraft Central dashboard, you can now edit all of your posts, without having to go to each...

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WP-Optimize preload key request feature details

The latest updates for WP-Optimize 3.1.7 have now been released – including the preload key request feature. We have taken a lot of time and effort to launch these new improvements and hope that they further help improve users’ experience of WP-Optimize.  When aiming...

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How to delete unused images in WordPress using WP-Optimize

How it works WordPress stores images in two parts: The image files are stored on the server, typically in the ‘wp-content/uploads’ directory of the site. A record of the image is then stored in the database, in the Media Library. This record also includes other data...

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Upcoming UpdraftPlus feature: Clone data anonymisation

As a WordPress user, you may have created a site with members who have been granted various levels of access other than admin; such as editor or moderator. As such, you should be aware that as the owner and admin of this site, should you attempt to clone the site and...

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How to use WP-Optimize image compression

Many websites can accumulate hundreds, if not thousands of images over time. Having all these images on your site in their original uncompressed format can cause frustratingly slow website loading speeds, which can impact on a website’s user experience, bounce rate...

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