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How to add BackBlaze to your UpdraftPlus account settings

UpdraftPlus has lots of options when it comes to backing up to a remote storage location.We recently updated the instructional videos for several of the most popular remote storage options, including Azure, RackSpace, Amazon S3, DropBox, Microsoft OneDrive and...

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Setup Bedrock for WordPress Development on Windows OS

As an experienced PHP Developer, I have more often or not used WordPress when working on my web projects. Like many other developers, I have started to lose the same level of excitement I used to have when working within its rigid structure, as I found it has...

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How to add Microsoft Azure to your UpdraftPlus account settings

Backing up your website to the remote storage location of your choice is something UpdraftPlus have put a lot of time and effort into working on. We currently have a wide-range of supported remote storage options including Google Drive, Amazon S3 and DropBox. Another...

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UpdraftPlus announces MetaSlider is now sold to Extendify

We are excited to announce we’ve sold our MetaSlider business to Extendify. Kevin, the lead developer who’s helped build MetaSlider to what it is today, is moving with the plugin and continuing to work on it with the new owners.  You can find more info on their plans...

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UpdraftPlus release latest 1.16.28 version

The latest updates for UpdraftPlus 1.16.28 have now been released. This latest version comes with two main new features and several tweaks and fixes. The first new feature we are releasing with UpdraftPlus 1.16.28 is that users can now back up and restore MySQL and...

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How to add Google Cloud to your UpdraftPlus account settings

The latest version of UpdraftPlus gives you the option of backing up your WordPress website by using several different remote storage options. Ranging from Google, to Amazon S3, to DropBox, there is a remote storage option for everyone. As with Google Drive, Google...

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How to add Google Drive to your UpdraftPlus account settings

When backing up your WordPress website with UpdraftPlus, you have the option of using several remote storage options in which to save your backup files. One of the most popular storage locations is Google Drive, as it offers 15GB of free remote storage, has a...

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Easy Updates Manager and WordPress 5.5

Easy Updates Manager has long been the leader in WordPress update management. We’ve watched Easy Updates Manager go from a humble 10,000 installs to its current 300,000 install count. With WordPress 5.5, auto-updates have landed in WordPress Core. This is...

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UpdraftPlus passes 3 million active installs

Though the world is going through a tough time right now, UpdraftPlus has found a reason to celebrate! Your support has meant we’ve reached the amazing milestone of 3,000,000 active installs.  The UpdraftPlus office is in Wales, UK which has a population of...

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