2022 for the UpdraftPlus family

It’s been a busy year across the WordPress world, including here at Team UpdraftPlus.

With WordPress releasing 3 new versions this year (5.9 through to 6.1) we’ve been kept on our toes to ensure everything continues to work well for the 5+ million of you that trust our plugins to keep you secure, optimised, and free of worry.

53 releases

Across the family of WordPress plugins, we added 38 new features, carried out 177 fixes and made 267 tweaks so that your plugins are as secure, robust and reliable as they can be.


We released All-In-One Security (AIOS) 5.0, our first release since acquiring the plugin in 2021. We added important security features for free, like two-factor authentication to help keep your website(s) safe and sound. 

We also launched AIOS Premium to provide even higher levels of protection for your WordPress site at a competitive price point.

Plus, the UpdraftPlus global team welcomed 17 new team members. 

And as for next year

2023 will be a year of investment for us.

72% of you think our support is good. A key aim of ours is to grow the spport team and implement process improvements to offer you even better support in the future.  

Of course there’ll be more releases, features and fixes to accommodate your feedback in 2023. You’ll see other improvements from us too, from how we look and feel to how we communicate.  

A HUGE thank you

If you’re new to the UpdraftPlus family, thank you for putting your trust in our products. If you’ve been with us for a long time, thank you for your long-standing support. 

If you have any feedback on how we’re doing, or things you think we ought to focus on, you can get a direct line to our leadership team by emailing [email protected]. 

Wherever you are in the world, however we are connected, we wish you good cheer for the season’s holidays and a peaceful new year.

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UpdraftPlus now available on GoDaddy hosting

Customers of GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress hosting may have noticed that UpdraftPlus has been blocklisted for the past few months.

UpdraftPlus was blocklisted because the specifics of the GoDaddy configuration meant backups were consuming large amounts of server resources. More specifically, servers were configured to use a cron interval which was timing out before temporary backup files could be cleaned up.

We’ve been working hard to implement performance improvements to satisfy GoDaddy’s requirements.

We’re happy to announce that as of versions 1.22.23 (free) and 2.22.23 (Premium), GoDaddy has lifted the restrictions on UpdraftPlus.

If you previously had UpdraftPlus Free or UpdraftPlus Premium installed on your GoDaddy Hosted site, you can now reactivate the plugin (after updating to the latest version).

If you are new to UpdraftPlus, why not check out the extensive features available?

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Comment on Add S3 object tagging by udadmin

Please can you explain this idea further?
Supposing that you’re doing something like storing your backups in a structure like….


…. etc., how would the tagging clarify the ownership any further? i.e. Since dividers are already a way of creating a hierarchy, what would be added by tagging?