UpdraftPlus release latest 1.16.28 version

The latest updates for UpdraftPlus 1.16.28 have now been released. This latest version comes with two main new features and several tweaks and fixes. The first new feature we are releasing with UpdraftPlus 1.16.28 is that users can now back up and restore MySQL and MariaDB routines. Backing up these stored routines means that users do not need to keep reissuing the individual statements, but can refer to the stored routine instead. 

The second new feature gives users the ability to search and replace the database via WP-CLI. Having this search and replace option will come in very handy when users need to change a site’s URL for example, or make another change of frequently appearing text inside your WordPress database. This new feature will save users lots of time when compared to manually updating any changes or creating a raw MySQL query to carry out the same action.

We recommend the update for all users.

The change-log for UpdraftPlus 1.16.28 is as follows. 


  • FEATURE: Support backing up and restoring MySQL/MariaDB routines (stored procedures and functions)
  • FEATURE: Added the ability to search and replace the database via WP-CLI
  • FIX: Bit fields in a table don’t necessarily get backed up correctly due to the difference in the output of mysql_query() and mysqli_query() for the bit-field type
  • FIX: Allow single multisite sub-sites to be restored when there is a http/https mismatch between the site and database backup
  • TWEAK: Update plugin updates checker dependency (in paid versions) to the 4.10 series, improving compatibility with WP 5.5+’s updates management
  • TWEAK: Suppress message about how to upgrade an already-installed plugin when on WP 5.5+ (where it is no longer relevant)
  • TWEAK: Internal refactoring to allow more flexibility when creating database backups
  • TWEAK: Force the turning off of ANSI_QUOTES in the active SQL mode when creating a backup, for better compatibility
  • TWEAK: Add the ability to configure the ‘max_allowed_packet’ option in the binary mysqldump command via the ‘UPDRAFTPLUS_MYSQLDUMP_MAX_ALLOWED_PACKET’ constant
  • TWEAK: The Google Drive options exist condition to prevent a false positive saved settings error
  • TWEAK: Improve the UpdraftPlus get_outgoing_ip_address method in finding user webserver’s IPv6 address
  • TWEAK: Removed MetaSlider notice in the notices collection

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How to add Google Cloud to your UpdraftPlus account settings

The latest version of UpdraftPlus gives you the option of backing up your WordPress website by using several different remote storage options. Ranging from Google, to Amazon S3, to DropBox, there is a remote storage option for everyone.

As with Google Drive, Google Cloud, as it offers 15GB of free remote storage for free per month and can be used in the knowledge that you are putting your backups and security in the hands of one the largest and most dependable companies in the world. 

By using your existing Google email account, you can set up your Google Cloud remote storage account in next to no time. If you require more remote storage space, you can purchase up to 2TB of space for just £79.99 a year. 

UpdraftPlus can be connected to your Google Cloud remote storage location in just a few minutes. We know that all the different options and settings can sometimes be a lot to figure out, so we have created the following helpful video guide on how to quickly and easily connect UpdraftPlus and Google Cloud.

Just follow the video below for a step-by-step guide.

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How to add Google Drive to your UpdraftPlus account settings

When backing up your WordPress website with UpdraftPlus, you have the option of using several remote storage options in which to save your backup files.

One of the most popular storage locations is Google Drive, as it offers 15GB of free remote storage, has a world-wide reputation for security and dependability and is a quick and easy remote storage option to connect to as pretty much everyone already has a Gmail account already setup. 

As user interfaces and setup processes change rapidly, we at UpdraftPlus are constantly updating the latest ‘how-to’ videos, so users have a clear understanding of how to connect Google Drive and other remote backup options to their UpdraftPlus account. 

To find out how to add Google Drive to your UpdraftPlus backup settings, just follow the video below for a step-by-step instructions.

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Easy Updates Manager and WordPress 5.5

Easy Updates Manager has long been the leader in WordPress update management. We’ve watched Easy Updates Manager go from a humble 10,000 installs to its current 300,000 install count.

With WordPress 5.5, auto-updates have landed in WordPress Core. This is exciting.

With this latest WordPress update, we had to make the tough decision whether to natively integrate with WordPress Core’s interpretation of automatic updates, in regards to plugins and themes. While the native core integration of auto-updates is well-thought and we foresee it becoming more powerful, EUM has taken the decision to continue to control updates through our unique and innovative interface.

One example is our plugins and themes screen. Users can still enable auto-updates through those screens and it integrates well with core emails and our log functionality. Additionally, you can also disable updates completely for certain assets.

EUM also integrates out-of-the-box with most third-party plugins and has worked with hosts throughout the years to make native automatic updates to plugins and themes a possibility, even on managed hosts.

When a user couples automatic updates with backups that most managed hosts handle natively, or our own UpdraftPlus backup solution, users are covered even if the worst should happen.

With EUM Free, we have identified that most users simply want auto-updates to be enabled holistically throughout WordPress. This includes plugin/theme updates, translation updates and WordPress Core updates (minor and major versions).

We foresee automatic updates, as they have landed in Core, to be a popular feature. We provide additional features with our Premium offering.

With EUM Premium, users are given more control over updates. Examples of our popular Premium features include:

  • Update scheduling – Control when updates are run to avoid excessive server load and downtime.
  • Logs – Logs are a native feature, but premium allows you to integrate logs with third-party services such as Slack. The export log functionality also allows you to generate a report for clients.
  • Email reports of pending updates – If for some reason an update isn’t available through auto-updates, we can send you a periodic report of updates that need action. This will also work if you have disabled an asset from updating.

At Easy Updates Manager, we will strive to give users the features they need to have full control over their updates and will continue working with WordPress Core in regards to automatic updates. As Core updates mature, we will strive to integrate with native Core functionality when it makes sense.

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UpdraftPlus passes 3 million active installs

Though the world is going through a tough time right now, UpdraftPlus has found a reason to celebrate! Your support has meant we’ve reached the amazing milestone of 3,000,000 active installs. 

The UpdraftPlus office is in Wales, UK which has a population of 3 million – which means there’s a site actively using us for every person in this nation.

After hitting 2 million in December 2018, we’re humbled to reach this figure in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace. 

UpdraftPlus is now the 13th most popular plugin in the world.  Excluding official WordPress.org and Automattic plugins (which are pre-installed or promoted heavily in the plugin installer interface), we’re 8th most popular.

We also remain the #1 backup plugin (All-in-One WP Migration, which includes a backup facility but markets itself essentially for migrations, is on 2 million, with Duplicator on 1 million) – the next biggest plugin that directly presents itself as a backup plugin is BackWPup on 600,000).

We’d like to thank the team here, who even during these difficult times, have all continued working to improve the plugin and provide support in order to give you the peace of mind they need by providing the highest quality possible backup experience

But we couldn’t carry out the developments and improvements that have made UpdraftPlus so popular without all of our loyal users. So thank you again, and here’s to the next million!

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Where to find motivation and inspiration when building your first website

For most people, the internet is all about consumption. They go online to find entertainment, shop, learn and generally be distracted from all of the troubles and stress modern life is currently throwing at us. People are generally aware of the internet’s incredible potential for creative expression and professional development, but most people have never actually attempted to create their own websites.

When someone does resolve to take the first steps into the exciting and daunting world of building your first site, they have a remarkable journey ahead of them. Consult anyone with a history of web development (professional or amateur) and they’ll tell you that their first website project can be a transformative experience.

It’s isn’t an easy process though, particularly for those with minimal tech expertise, and not every attempt you make at building a website will work out. It can be easy for an aspiring web developer or entrepreneur to give up due to confusion about what to do technically, or even a lack of creative direction. After all, simple setup procedures and free themes can’t solve all design problems.

This blog is intended to help someone in such a position. If you know someone building their first site, or if you are working on building your first website, these inspirational ideas will hopefully help:

Take a basic course

While it is possible for someone with decent IT skills to cobble together a fairly decent website with no formal development tuition or training, it doesn’t mean it’s preferable. If you are trying to build a site but aren’t sure how to proceed, it is highly recommended that you think about taking a basic course in website development. This can be a great way to pick up the fundamentals that can otherwise be missed so easily when you’re winging it.

When it comes to deciding which course you should take, it really depends on what you are willing to spend, how much you already know, what results you are trying to achieve and what type of website you are aiming to build. A simple blog website for example will require much less knowledge than a large online store with various payment, shipping, tax and language options. Udemy for example has various courses specifically for WordPress, many concentrating on different elements of the development process. Just one solid course can prove extremely useful. Remember to read user reviews before committing your time and money on a course though, as quality and results can vary.

Research and read success stories

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step: even though we all know this, it’s still tough for someone to take that step to place it into an appropriate context. If the process of developing your first website starts to drag, it is the easiest thing in the world to just give up on the idea, justifying this abandonment by assuming that it would never have amounted to anything anyway. As with all those well-meaning New Year’s resolutions that fall by the wayside after a month or two, the world is littered with partially designed and built websites that are ultimately forgotten because things got too difficult.

That’s where success stories become so meaningful. There are plenty of examples out there of thriving businesses that started out slowly, without massive budgets or fanfare. Instead, many successful sites began as simple side hustles set up by aspiring entrepreneurs that eventually grew into highly successful and lucrative businesses. Their creators believed in themselves, worked hard on their websites and kept moving ahead until they achieved their goals. Knowing that success can be achieved is hugely important for getting through the tough early stages.

Examine great sites

When trying to build something great, it can be a massive challenge should you not be very experienced with the production process. It can even be tough to properly envisage exactly what you may be ultimately aiming for. What should the website ultimately look like? How should it work? What pages and categories should you have? In life, there can be a lot of value in having role models to emulate as it can provide inspiration and allow you to see how established and successful sites got where they are, giving you something to aim towards too.

Because of this, one of the best ways to get inspired when building your website is to closely examine the best and most successful websites out there that are similar to yours. Why do users like them so much? What lessons can you learn about how to build a great website? And most importantly, what can be done better? This will allow you to return to your development project with a much clearer vision of where you would like to take your site.

Join a community

One of the best things about the online world has always been its ability to bring people from different backgrounds and lifestyles together. Whatever interest a given person is looking to pursue, they can be absolutely confident that there are relevant internet communities already in place, and that’s certainly the case for web development (and entrepreneurship in general).

Each content management system has numerous communities dedicated to it online, which are always a great place to start. Reddit is another great place for general advice: the r/Entrepreneur subreddit has 650k members, which is a great place to ask broader business questions. There are also subs like r/webdev (416k members) for more specific technical queries. There are also thousands of videos on YouTube that help show you how to develop and setup a WordPress site, taking you through all the steps needed to take your website plan from idea to reality. 

Inspiration can come in many forms and mean different things to different people, but at its core it’s about motivation: motivation to learn, to keep going, and to strive for greater achievement. While the ideas listed above are far from revolutionary, they are incredibly potent and just one of them can be enough to push a project through to fruition.

Rodney Laws

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