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Speed up your WordPress site using image optimization

‘When evaluating the speed and performance of your website, there are over 200 factors that search engines like Google use to rank content and web pages. Some of these factors are known, such as site update frequency, while the weight of other factors – such as...

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WordPress Caching guide: How does it improve your site speed? 

In this blog, we will discuss WordPress caching; what it does – and how it improves the performance and speed of your website.  What is Caching?  To understand WordPress caching, you first have to understand the concept of caching. Caching refers to the process of...

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How to update your site to the latest version of WordPress

If you have a WordPress website, you will know that it should always be run on the latest version of WordPress as the updated version of the software provides better performance and security. In this blog, we will discuss all the ways you can update your website to...

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How to create a WordPress custom theme

WordPress occupies a huge percentage of the world’s websites, making up 37% of all sites currently online. While there are many reasons and factors for this success, one of the main reasons is the popularity of features available to all users. Plugins, themes, posts,...

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UpdraftPlus Vs BackupBuddy: WordPress backup plugins compared

BackupBuddy Vs UpdraftPlus – Which Is Better? One of the biggest risks you face when setting up your own WordPress website is when your site inevitably encounters a problem such as hacks, plugin issues, a bad update, malware or compatibility problems. After all the...

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The risks and pitfalls of WordPress auto-updates

When a new version of WordPress launched in August of 2020, something else came with it: a brand-spanking-new updates feature, along with the risks and pitfalls of WordPress auto-updates. This marked a step-up from previous WordPress releases, in which plugins and...

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