The latest update for WP-Optimize 3.2.3 has now been released. This new release features a fix, feature and a tweak update. 

The main focus in this latest release is the ‘Preload Minify Assets’ feature. While WP-Optimize does already have a ‘Preload’ feature with caching functionality that can preload all pages and minified assets, this new update now gives users a separate minify preload feature for users who are using a hosting provider that provides server level cache – such as Kinsta. 

As such, if a user is using a hosting provider that uses ‘Nginx’, rather than ‘Apache’ – these hosts most likely provide caching themselves. In this scenario, users of WP-Optimize need to disable the caching functionality within the host, as they are unable to use the ‘Preload’ function. Even on ‘Nginx’ servers, minified assets are allowed and preferred in order to boost performance. 

The updates to WP-Optimize 3.2.3 are available for download now and also includes the following:

  • FIX: Cache – ‘Purge cache permissions’ setting does not allow additional roles to access the purge cache tool
  • FEATURE: Minify: Pre generate assets
  • TWEAK: Make smush details button work in media modal window

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