The latest updates for UpdraftPlus 1.16.28 have now been released. This latest version comes with two main new features and several tweaks and fixes. The first new feature we are releasing with UpdraftPlus 1.16.28 is that users can now back up and restore MySQL and MariaDB routines. Backing up these stored routines means that users do not need to keep reissuing the individual statements, but can refer to the stored routine instead. 

The second new feature gives users the ability to search and replace the database via WP-CLI. Having this search and replace option will come in very handy when users need to change a site’s URL for example, or make another change of frequently appearing text inside your WordPress database. This new feature will save users lots of time when compared to manually updating any changes or creating a raw MySQL query to carry out the same action.

We recommend the update for all users.

The change-log for UpdraftPlus 1.16.28 is as follows. 


  • FEATURE: Support backing up and restoring MySQL/MariaDB routines (stored procedures and functions)
  • FEATURE: Added the ability to search and replace the database via WP-CLI
  • FIX: Bit fields in a table don’t necessarily get backed up correctly due to the difference in the output of mysql_query() and mysqli_query() for the bit-field type
  • FIX: Allow single multisite sub-sites to be restored when there is a http/https mismatch between the site and database backup
  • TWEAK: Update plugin updates checker dependency (in paid versions) to the 4.10 series, improving compatibility with WP 5.5+’s updates management
  • TWEAK: Suppress message about how to upgrade an already-installed plugin when on WP 5.5+ (where it is no longer relevant)
  • TWEAK: Internal refactoring to allow more flexibility when creating database backups
  • TWEAK: Force the turning off of ANSI_QUOTES in the active SQL mode when creating a backup, for better compatibility
  • TWEAK: Add the ability to configure the ‘max_allowed_packet’ option in the binary mysqldump command via the ‘UPDRAFTPLUS_MYSQLDUMP_MAX_ALLOWED_PACKET’ constant
  • TWEAK: The Google Drive options exist condition to prevent a false positive saved settings error
  • TWEAK: Improve the UpdraftPlus get_outgoing_ip_address method in finding user webserver’s IPv6 address
  • TWEAK: Removed MetaSlider notice in the notices collection

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