Easy Updates Manager are happy to announce that we have released another update – Easy Updates Manager 8.1.0 (free and premium), featuring lots of newly added features, fixes and tweaks. One of the new features that we are sure will be of use to users is the addition of a new ‘notes section’ that will show extra detail on why an automatic update may have failed. This update will help users to identify and fix any potential problems with their automatic updates.

We recommend the update for all Easy Updates Manager Free and Premium users.

  • FEATURE: Notes section added to log to show why an automatic update failed.
  • FEATURE: (Premium) Adding version control protection so that version controlled plugins or themes will not be updated.
  • FIX: Fixed saving error when toggling auto-update on individual themes.
  • FIX: Don’t wipe settings when removing the free version, if premium is installed. Or vice versa.
  • FIX: Enabling/disabling admin bar was resetting General options.
  • FIX: Disabling Core updates will no longer block other automatic updates.
  • FIX: Translation updates are run after automatic updates have completed.
  • FIX: Translation updates now show the correct label.
  • FIX: (Premium) Slack logging now shows the site name from where the event came from.
  • TWEAK: UI Fix: Prevent notices about EUM-Premium from appearing in the premium version of the plugin.
  • TWEAK: Do not allow null values to be passed to an INSERT on the version_from field in the log table.
  • TWEAK: Add some missing translation domains.
  • TWEAK: Code-styling tweak to avoid use of extract().
  • TWEAK: Adding dashboard notice if automatic updates are disabled through constants.
  • TWEAK: Prevent unnecessary PHP notice when controlling via UpdraftCentral.
  • TWEAK: Database logging is now always turned on, to aid troubleshooting. (The storage overhead is tiny, since updates are infrequent events compared with other things going on in a WP database).
  • TWEAK: Update updater class to latest series (1.8).
  • TWEAK: Automatic update emails are only sent once every twenty four hours.

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