Please share below how your WordPress site has been hit, or provides an important service at this time.

We know that many in the WordPress community will be badly affected by the global pandemic which is rapidly spreading across the world.  Even if it doesn’t affect your health, it may be damaging your online businesses and livelihood causing you a lot of uncertainty and concern.

For others, at a time when some countries’ physical stores are shutting, people are ordering necessities online more than ever.  Amazon this week is hiring 10 thousand more staff to help with demand in their warehouses, and has blocked taking on any more non-essential stock.  And if this is not happening yet in your country, then it may well be only days or weeks away.

Likewise, many of your WordPress sites will become more important than ever.  Whether you run an online store for hygiene products, an online pharmacy or grocery store, a health advice blog, or home schooling resources for kids out of school then they’re crucial.  Or if you run an online community so people can feel together even when they’re alone or simply providing entertainment to help people’s morale at a time when culture, theatres and concert halls are shut – you’re doing a great job, so keep it up!

So this is just to say we’re continuing business as usual here at Updraft.  The last thing you want to worry about at this time is your WordPress site’s basic functioning.  We’re here 6 days a week around the clock to provide support to those who need it for backing up and restoring.

Likewise, there are reports of the internet becoming slower as more people work from home on networks which are not designed for the level of traffic they’re getting.  So we’re also working hard on all your support requests at Updraft’s WP-Optimize Cache to make sure you make significant improvements to your website speed to help your customers’ experience.

We’re a team of 15 here at Updraft, distributed across 9 different countries and 4 continents.  As of this week we’re all working from home.  We expect that even if things get much worse over the coming weeks that there’ll always be knowledgeable team members on hand to help you with the plugin problems you have.

Please share below how your WordPress sites are affected, whether you’ve been badly hit or whether your site is providing an important service for those who need it right now.  Let us know!

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