Since its launch in September 2018, UpdraftClone has been helping to revolutionise how people ‘copy and paste’ WordPress sites. While this clone feature was launched to allow users to create a ready-hosted cloned site instantly from UpdraftPlus, there have been some users that have requested the ability to generate larger clones. 

Following these requests, many people will be pleased to hear that launching soon, users of UpdraftClone will now be able to boot larger clones should they need to. This new feature will be of particular use to users that have a site larger than 25GB (the smallest clone size). UpdraftClone will also automatically choose the correct size of the clone should the user select an existing backup. As the larger clones take up more server space, they will cost a little extra in tokens to run and renew. 

We have also extended the larger clone option to existing clones. To increase the size of your existing clones, just go to your UpdraftPlus account “My-Clones” page and click on “Manage Clone” for the clone that you wish to resize. An option will then appear allowing the user to increase the size of the existing clone, should you require more space. 

If you have any questions, be sure to share them with us in the comment section below. 

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