We keep your WordPress site up to date and bug free

Easy Updates Manager currently helps more than 300,000 users automatically keep their sites up to date and bug-free.

It’s also highly customizable to give you real control over what updates to run.

What does Easy Updates Manager do?

Both Free and Premium

No need to login and check for updates. Auto Updates saves tons of time.


Choose and turn on/off individual core, plugins, and theme updates.


View logs of updates that have occurred. Useful for debugging and rolling back your site to an older working version.

What are the additional benefits of Premium?

Safer and more flexible:
Take full control of your plugins and updates

Safe Updates

Updates only if a plugin is compatible with your current version of WordPress and server’s PHP


Schedule Updates

Customize your update schedule to minimize any downtime

Anonymize Update Request

With anonymous update requests, your data is kept safe and prevents nonessential data being sent to the WordPress API

Delayed Updates

If you want to gain confidence in a new plugin release bug fix following a major update, you can delay your automatic updates for a specified number of days

UpdraftPlus Compatible

Compatible with the UpdraftPlus plugin automatic backup feature

Import Export Settings

Export and import your settings so you can transfer your settings to another install


Create a webhook that can integrate with third-party services


Auto-update Protection

If something goes wrong during an auto-update, we will alert you via email and then try to fix it automatically


White Label

White-label Easy Updates Manager. Especially useful if you’re on a client site

Access to premium information and support

(Buy the premium version)


External Logging

Login to external channels such as Slack or email and receive update notifications, allowing you to review your site if necessary


Log Management

Search logs by a user, theme or plugin name and keep your database lean by setting up a scheduled log clearance

Export Logs

Generate an update report for your clients. Export logs for a specified date range and print, or export logs as a CSV or JSON file

Premium Support

Get a personal reply to your question within one business day

Email Notification of Updates

You can receive a weekly or monthly report of available updates. Especially useful if you have disabled updates

Check Plugins

Check plugins against the WordPress plugin directory to see if they are removed or not

Version Control Protection

Version Control Protection skips updates for plugins and themes under version control

Check For Unmaintained Plugins

The Unmaintained Plugins feature shows you which plugins have disappeared from the Plugin Directory and ones that are out-of-date.

Is your site up to date and secure?

Or is it outdated and buggy?

Easy Updates Manager is a powerful WordPress tool that enables you to fully manage updates for all of your plugins, themes, core, and translations. This plugin makes managing your WordPress update settings quick and easy – and because it offers endless possibilities for configuration, it puts you in complete control of how, when, and what to update and what not to.

Easy Updates Manager is also multisite compatible and includes built-in logs for your convenience that lets you take a look at updates that have occurred. Logs include the version it was updated from, so this helps in case you need to rollback a dodgy update.

Reliable, intuitive and very highly-rated, Easy Updates Manager makes quick and easy work of your updates; a task that that would otherwise be a complicated, and time-consuming process.

How to get the most from your site

To get the most from your website! it is important to have the latest release of WordPress installed and have updated versions of any themes and plugins you’re using. Staying on top of updates ensures that your website is free from security vulnerabilities, protected from bugs, and enhanced by the very latest features of your plugins, themes, and WordPress.

Automatic update function

Reliable, intuitive and very highly-rated, Easy Updates Manager makes quick and easy work of your updates; a task that would otherwise be a complicated, time-consuming process.

Easy Updates Manager’s automatic update function allows you to simply “set and forget” with multiple settings options to personally customize updates on each individual aspect of WordPress core. These updates can include major, minor and development updates, as well as your themes, plugins, and translations.

Disable automatic updates

As many developers use their own themes and plugins, we have found that a particular feature of Easy Updates Manager that has become hugely popular with our users is the ability to disable automatic updates. This option can assist in preventing code from being overwritten and help protect and maintain security and functionality.

  • Highly configurable
  • Allows users to disable / enable automatic updates for major and minor WordPress core releases, themes, plugins and translations
  • Automates specific updates (‘set and forget’)
  • Offers user access control
  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Easy-to-use, fast and efficient
  • Multisite compatible
  • Mobile friendly
  • Compatible with non WordPress hosted third party themes and plugins if it follows WordPresss’ way of receiving updates (depending on source)


  • Major WordPress releases – On / Off
  • Minor WordPress releases – On /Off
  • WordPress development updates- On / Off
  • Updates for All / Selected plugins
  • Updates for All / Selected themes
  • Translation updates


  • All automatic updates
  • All plugin updates
  • All theme updates
  • Core update Email notification


  • Remove browser nag
  • Remove WordPress version in footer
  • Restrict user access to configuring settings and performing / viewing updates
  • Logs history of both manual and automatic updates

If you want to help contribute to the translation, please go to https://translate.wordpress.org/, select your language and search for the Easy Updates Manager plugin. We appreciate all the translation help we can get.

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What people say:

We run almost 800 plugins on some multisite networks and this is an excellent tool for isolating plugins that we do not want to update and for helping prevent update distractions until the day updates are scheduled to be done networkwide. - SooBahkDo
This plugin has been a lifesaver as it saves me so much time over the number of sites I manage.It also allows clients to do their own updating which helps both of us. - @kim01
I’ve been using Easy Updates Manager on a website for months and it works without a hitch. I recently added the plug in to my personal site. After having a site taken down by a hack in a plug in that I did not update right away, I have peace of mind using this plug in. - Shelley-E
I used to use other plugins to prevent plugin updates (Plugin Protector and Lock Your Updates) but they no longer get updated. The only thing they had which this one doesn’t is the ability to make notes on them when you disable them from updating. Other than that this plugin is great and has a lot of advanced options! Thank you for sharing your great work! - @rrhode
Easy to use, does the job as required, no more hoping in and out of my sites to update plugins or themes, great job! - @chanbelle
Wish I’d known about years earlier.Thank you - @ddhservices
If you run multiple WordPress sites and find yourself always updating and upgrading them, then this plugin in excellent. The author is also very helpful and attends to problems and bugs promptly. Highly recommended! - bruce-s (@3ruce)
Some plugins and themes could be just break when we update them. This plugin has been helping us doing update only when we already have prepared everythings up.Nice plugin! - Justin Herz (@syabah471)
I used to update all my WP sites manually, verifying everything works as promised after each update. This preventive policy is time consuming and annoying. So far I rarely had a problem after an update. Therefore I switched to a curative update policy: automate backups as well as updates and fix problems if an update did not work out.Works so far. ? - hermitC (@hermitc)
What a wonderful and helpful tool for managing multiple sites. Saves so much time. Easy to configure. Intelligently designed. Just love it! - Eric Greenspan (@tothemoonsb)

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