As Easy Updates Manager grows, we see it very important that we get input from our users about how they use the plugin. Tracking is just one of the ways that we are doing so.

Every month your WordPress install will send us data on how you are using the plugin. All data collected is anonymous. We’ll use this data to help improve and better optimize the plugin.

By simply allowing us to collect this data, we can use it to make Easy Updates Manager a better plugin for everyone.

Sample Data

  "automatic_major_updates": "off",
  "logs": "off",
  "notification_core_update_emails": "on",
  "all_updates": "on",
  "core_updates": "on",
  "notification_core_update_emails_themes": "on",
  "notification_core_update_emails_plugins": "on",
  "tracking_nag": "off",
  "misc_wp_footer": "on",
  "plugin_updates": "on",
  "automatic_translation_updates": "on",
  "automatic_theme_updates": "default",
  "php_version": "5.6.28",
  "notification_core_update_emails_translations": "on",
  "tracking_enabled": "on",
  "ratings_nag": "on",
  "translation_updates": "on",
  "misc_browser_nag": "on",
  "automatic_minor_updates": "on",
  "theme_updates": "on",
  "wordpress_version": "4.8-RC2",
  "keen": {
    "timestamp": "2017-07-24T22:15:01.282Z",
    "created_at": "2017-07-24T22:15:01.282Z",
    "id": "59767165557f170001fd00a6"
  "automatic_development_updates": "off",
  "automatic_plugin_updates": "default"